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06 March 2013 @ 05:17 pm
100 Things: John Sheridan/Delenn (Babylon 5)  
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(A bit late in posting this...meant to post this during Valentine's Day week...or on February 22nd to commemorate Babylon 5 hitting 20 years)


John Sheridan (entry) and Ambassador Delenn (entry), such a crucial partnership in the Shadow War. The development of their relationship was just so beautiful <3 I love that they started season 2 out of place--Sheridan "beached" on a station with people who do not agree with his assignment, Delenn transformed and out of place from her own people--and gradually come together in their sense of imbalance and exclusion. I think there was no doubt by the end of season 2 that they were on their way towards developing a romantic relationship. I mean, c'mon, look how cute they are in that pic (one of my favourite scenes from them too =P)

The following contains spoilers concerning the course of their relationship throughout the series!

Anyways, I love that aside from their sense of displacement in season 2, they come together as partners to fight in the Shadow War. They both have their own strengths that they could contribute to the fight. I think I've mentioned it at some point but it's cute how Sheridan tries to protect Delenn sometimes from the thick of the fight and Delenn's like "Dude, I know you love me, but don't forget that I've seen fighting before and I can fight back." There's this balance in their relationship that really makes it work and makes their relationship strong.

But moving back a bit, I love how gradual the relationship was. In retrospect re-watching the series, I realised that the seeds were already being planted in season 2 that there was this strong connection between these two individuals. Their dinner "date" in "A Race Through Dark Places" was especially cute, I love how they were the last ones there just talking. By "Divided Loyalties" it was pretty clear that they were beginning to realise that there was something there but what's pretty awesome is that we actually don't see them kiss or take that extra step until late season 3. Okay, that seems like a long time but considering everything else that happened between the end of season 2 and season 3--breaking away from Earth, the escalation of the Shadow War, the in-fighting amongst the other League worlds--it made sense that their relationship slowed down but they still had each other's back, which was nice.

Of course, their relationship wans't without its share of bumps along the way. The season 3 finale "Z'ha'dum" (entry) was a pretty big one, which really threw the foundations of their relationship in a tailspin. Their argument was one of the hardest I've ever had to watch in the series, I hate seeing these two fight ;_; And Delenn's grief afterwards was just as hard ;_;

But there were lighter moments in their relationship which are always fun to watch. The use of human euphemisms were always amusing to watch, and there was of course Sheridan participating in the various Minbari rites. He's definitely not Sinclair when it comes to those things ^_~ One scene that kind of cracked me up was in season 5 when Sheridan had to tell Delenn about his and Lochley's past and afterwards they're in bed and Delenn's back is to him and she's says something like "I'm going to pretend you were going to tell me about that." Sheridan had a look that showed that he was in a whole lot of trouble with her and it just amuses me because despite of everything they've accomplished, how important they are to the alliance, they're just like any other married couple.

The course of their relationship was just one of the many things I've enjoyed about the show and their final episode together, "Sleeping in Light" (entry) is just beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time (their clips together are on that entry). In a way their love was pretty epic in a sense of the obstacles they faced and the challenges that they had to overcome with fighting the wars but it's also a mature and balanced one based on trust and partnership. Hence them being one of my two favourite ships on the show =)

Some of my favourite moments from these two (well, the ones I can find, anyways):

One of my favourite scenes with these two, I love how she programmed the computer to play the sound of rain

LOL, they can be pretty funny together

From episode 5.21 (second last episode of the whole show); married life <3

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