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06 February 2013 @ 07:27 pm
100 Things: Moment - Season 3 Finale (Babylon 5)  
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Major spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the show because series 3 is quite the turning point!

The best season finale I've ever seen on television, hands down. Everything in the show had been leading up to this moment and bam! Season finale absolutely delivered. Especially this moment:

For over two seasons we've been hearing characters tell John Sheridan not to go to Z'Ha'Dum or he will die. And yet he ends up going to Z'Ha'Dum, not only to hear the Shadows' side of the story but to deal them an effective blow and score a few points for his side in the war. As JMS mentioned in the episode commentary, it's part of his hero's journey--and what a descent it was! With everything else that was going on in this episode--Londo's promotion in the Royal Court and call back to Centauri Prime, Garibaldi being snatched away at the last moment--this is just such a kicker. And the Shadows' emissary sent to reach out to Sheridan was such a twist too, a pleasant and menacing surprise that caused problems in Sheridan's personal life and in his role in fighting the Shadows. Anyways, those last few moments depicted in the video above never fails to leave me in awe.

Oh, and G'Kar's monologue at the very end is perfection (I mean, all of his introspective/spiritual/reflective monologues are always great but this monologue's position with the final scenes of the finale is just extra special):

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